Scotland's Layher ® Specialists

i-Scaff pride themselves in their leading class scaffolding services, and part of our success is down to the German Engineering of the Layher ® Scaffolding system.

Layher ® are a German-based scaffolding manufacturer. They produce all the system scaffolding equipment we use here at I-Scaff. They are synonymous worldwide with high quality and practically tested scaffolding systems, including modular scaffolding, facade scaffolding, event systems for grandstands and stages, weather protection roofs, scaffolding cladding & rolling towers.

Key features and benefits:

  • Innovative Autolock function for easier, faster connections
  • High tensile steel reduces weight not strength
  • Reduced weight enables lower shipment costs
  • Faster erection and dismantling
  • Integrated spigot optimises load-bearing of standards
  • Higher scaffolds possible
  • 24% greater bending strength
  • Increased headroom eases access and use
  • Fully compatible with existing Layher Allround systems scaffolding equipment
  • Opportunities for rapid ROI
  • SpeedyScaf Lightweight option

Why Layher ® Scaffolding?

The Layher Allround ® Scaffolding is centred on the highly versatile Allround Connector, which features a ‘rosette’ welded onto the upright component that can safely and securely accommodate eight individual connections.

Key features and benefits:

Quality – High tensile steel means 24% greater bending strength without loss in stability. 

Lightweight – Aluminium material means low weight, eases transportation and handling.

Versatile- 8 points of connection & Innovative Auto-lock function for easier, faster construction.

Cost Effective – Reduced weight enables lower shipment costs, increases truck payload by up to 12%.

More Headroom – More Headroom means less back strain and greater productivity, High-tensile steel enables an increase in headroom of up to 100mm.

Layher ® Lightweight

Save money, save weight without compromising strength. Lower weight enables higher scaffolding structures or higher loads with unchanged height.


Higher Truck Payloads

With lighter loads, the weight reduction achieved by using high tensile steel means an increase in truck payload by a volume of about 12%.

Cost Breakdown

Shipment, erection and dismantling account for the lion’s share of costs. Which is why AllRound ® Lightweight delivers such rapid return on investment.


Sectors & Services

I-Scaff cover a wide variety of different sectors, we can provide scaffolding solutions for a large number of industries UK wide.

Commercial Scaffolding

Our experienced team have vast experience on many commercial projects no matter the size or complexity. Talk to us today.

Floating Access

I-Scaff Access Solutions Ltd can provide floating access to make a wide range of pontoons and floating access solutions.

Industrial Scaffolding

The word industrial describes many environments. Our expertise in this field ensures we have your requirements covered.

Shrink Wrapping

We can provide Shrink Wrap encapsulation useful for situations where the total environmental containment of dust and debris is required.

Offshore & Marine Scaffolding

The offshore & marine industry has unique demands, we have 30 years experience in this sector across the UK, Middle East & Asia.

Rail Scaffolding

I-Scaff are RISQS accredited & approved for the rail industry. We’ve worked on improving station buildings, platforms and more.

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